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Knutton01"Always think twice the size ?" 1:25pm Yesterday | message edited 2 times

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from: Huddersfield

Hi , I was always told when building koi Pond you should always build double the size of your your original plans !
That’s what I did . Unfortunately the advice should have been , build 4 times the size!
Just finished the new pond , I’m very happy and so are the fish as they have been in a swimming pool for the last 3 weeks.
Looking forward to new amazing fish I have ordered from Chris Masters.


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"RE: Always think �twice the size�?" 1:29pm Yesterday

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from: Halifax

What a lovely build. Bet you’re chuffed with that

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"RE: Always think �twice the size�?" 7:51pm Yesterday
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dan it looks very very nice and is a home fit for your new showa and kohaku.

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"RE: Always think �twice the size�?" 8:16pm Yesterday

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from: York

very nice build. love the stone!



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"RE: Always think �twice the size�?" 10:21pm Yesterday

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from: West Yorkshire

Very nice Dan well done.


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"RE: Always think �twice the size�?" 11:56pm Yesterday
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from: Bradford.

Looks fantastic my friend...that's a great pond.

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"Always think twice the size ?" 12:07am Today

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Always think twice the size ?

looks brilliant, well done.


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