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"Covers off" 12:26pm Yesterday
joined: 18th Sep 04
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from: yorkshire

All covers finally off, carbon filters changed as had a slight chlorine reading now looking forward to the koi season. It’s a great feeling watching them swim to you for food.



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"RE: Covers off" 12:44pm Yesterday
joined: 23rd Jun 18
last here: 7:52am Monday 6th May
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Beautiful fish you have there. Stunning colours

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"RE: Covers off" 1:26pm Yesterday

joined: 30th Jun 11
last here: 6:04pm Today
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from: Halifax

Looking fantastic as always Wayne.

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"RE: Covers off" 7:01pm Yesterday

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last here: 8:53pm Sunday 19th May
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from: sheffield

Looking good fella

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"RE: Covers off" 8:17pm Yesterday

joined: 8th Nov 12
last here: 11:23am Today
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from: York

fab collection you have



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"RE: Covers off" 10:24pm Yesterday

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last here: 11:28pm Monday 20th May
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from: West Yorkshire

Took half mine off today, But put them back one when all the young Robins are now out of the nest and hopping around the garden, Looks like ime babysitting tomorrow.


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"RE: Covers off" 11:58pm Yesterday
joined: 23rd Jun 13
last here: 10:53pm Sunday 19th May
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from: Bradford.

Wow.....all looking fantastic Wayne.

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"RE: Covers off" 12:09am Today

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Wayne, your koi and pond are looking superb as always.


pauland sue

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"RE: Covers off" 10:43am Tuesday 23rd Apr
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from: leeds

As is to be expected Wayne cracking fish

4800gallons block built and fiberglassed 2x spindrifter bottoms ,profi combi 50, amalgam uv and a bakki shower
tancho showa

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"RE: Covers off" 8:57pm Tuesday 23rd Apr
joined: 4th Sep 06
last here: 8:55pm Yesterday
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from: Timperley Cheshire

Your Actually feeding them Wayne wonders will never cease

Looking good mate

Tancho showa

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