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jasmine23"Trickle tower media" 4:50pm Saturday 13th Apr
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Looking for recommendations for trickle tower media, been running alfagrog in mine but looking for something better, was thinking crystal bio or maybe bac bio balls?
Many thanks

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"RE: Trickle tower media" 5:50pm Saturday 13th Apr

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Richard ,

Just my opinions, I am no expert.

Think you are right to ditch the grotty alfagrog.

Crystal bio is very good as is the more expensive BHM or siporax .

I have seen plastic media(balls ,curlers, flocor et al) used in towers/showers) non of which would be for me.

A decent cheaper media is pumice stone.

Other forum members might share different opinions.



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"RE: Trickle tower media" 9:59pm Saturday 13th Apr

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I have a CL3 just working as a trickle tower and I have K1 in it and it seems ok.


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"RE: Trickle tower media" 6:22pm Sunday 14th Apr
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I use BHM.

10,000 gals. ProfiDrum CombiBio 50, Duratech 19+ Heat Pump, Bakki Shower.

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