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Roundhay"Low Temperature Treatments" 4:46pm Sunday 20th Jan
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The pond temperature is 6 degrees and no doubt falling due to the cold temperature.

I have a 20" ghost Koi who is flashing and jumping. The other Koi are fine and are just resting on the bottom.

Probably a parasite and I should scrape it; however, this will probably stress the fish. The water parameters are fine. Not fed since November.

So do I stress the fish by scraping it and then find I cannot do anything because the water is so cold?

Do I wait until the weather gets warmer?

Have looked at possible treatments but getting different information regarding the temperature they can be used at. Seems to be the colder it is the less effective the treatment is.

Anybody have any suggestions?


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"RE: Low Temperature Treatments" 8:36pm Sunday 20th Jan

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Check with an expert or an experts guide book, Alan.

But I would do the scrape to see what you are dealing with ,potassium permanganate ,and salt are two effective and safe treatments at low temperatures for many parasites as are strong salt baths .
Sometimes salt and potassium used together are more effective pond treatments.




Paul Dodsworth

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"RE: Low Temperature Treatments" 12:02am Yesterday
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If it’s flicking and jumping I’d scrape it. Once you know what the issue is then look for a treatment that works at a low temperature. If you are not heated as I aren’t it’s a big pain when that happens!
kitsu"RE: Low Temperature Treatments" 5:56pm Yesterday

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how do you know which treatment to use if you don't scrape?

Roundhay"RE: Low Temperature Treatments" 10:01pm Yesterday
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from: Leeds

Totally agree; however, should I wait for warmer pond temperature rather than stressing the fish and then finding I can't do anything until it warms up?

Fish has calmed down and water temperature is now down to 5 degrees. Other Koi seem ok just resting on the bottom.

If the fish starts flashing / jumping again then will have to scrape and see what the problem is.

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