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"February meeting" 8:00pm Wednesday 16th Jan | message edited 2 times

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Hi our 2nd winter meeting is Sunday the 17th Feb.
This will be a talk/Presentation by Dr David Pool of Fishscience Ltd

On What's wrong with my fish.

Looking into finding out what is the problem & what's next.

Looking forward to this talk should be very informative on a subject we all are very interested in.

Regards Jim

As usual Collingham Memorial Hall LS22 5AS - Teas around 1.30 to start 2.00 All welcome.

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"RE: February meeting" 8:30pm Wednesday 16th Jan

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Should be very interesting Jim, a very knowledgeable man. I remember attending a koi keeping course at Liverpool university about 30 years ago run by David. Think it was part sponsored by tetra at the time.

He might even bring some of his products for the raffle.



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"RE: February meeting" 7:31pm Thursday 17th Jan
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from: Bradford.

Look forward to this

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"RE: February meeting" 8:03am Saturday 19th Jan

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from: Halifax

Should be a good talk. Looking forward to it
pauland sue

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"RE: February meeting" 11:13am Yesterday
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yes jim he gave a talk to tony mccanns group they were impressed

4800gallons block built and fiberglassed 2x spindrifter bottoms ,profi combi 50, amalgam uv and a bakki shower

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"RE: February meeting" 7:23pm Sunday 27th Jan
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from: Leeds

I should be able to make it along

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"RE: February meeting" 9:02am Saturday 2nd Feb

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from: Baildon, west yorkshire

Excellent news jimmy see you all there

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