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"Feeding regime" 6:01am Wednesday 12th Dec
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Hi All,

I’m now starting to drop my pond temps to get down to 12 by the end of the month when I’ll stop feeding for a couple of months at least, they’ve been fed wheatgerm for the last couple of weeks twice a day as opposed to 10 feeds a day through October and November. What’s your plans for feeding and what temperatures will you be holding for the winter period?



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"RE: Feeding regime" 3:44pm Wednesday 12th Dec
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I am going to change my routine this year. Taking temperature to 13 degrees. And will continue to feed a very small amount of food every day.

Normally I take temperature to 8 degrees and stop feeding.



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"RE: Feeding regime" 6:03pm Wednesday 12th Dec

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I’ve usually kept mine around 13/14 degrees throughout the winter and fed a little. I’m undecided whether to go down to 12 or give them a full winter at 8 degrees. What are the pros and cons going down to 8 degrees?

pauland sue

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"RE: Feeding regime" 8:35pm Wednesday 12th Dec
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I am at 14d and feeding 90grams once a day cant make up my mind whether to stop feeding. its wheatgerm and its gone in minutes might stop at xmas till march

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"RE: Feeding regime" 6:34am Thursday 13th Dec

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Currently sat at 12 degrees and feeding has stopped now until March / April next year.


greysg"RE: Feeding regime" 7:41pm Thursday 13th Dec

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Main pond currently at 16c will be down to 14c by end of December hold for two months no feed then start to come up in March little food till back up to 16c then away you go...


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"RE: Feeding regime" 7:53pm Thursday 13th Dec
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18c fed twice a day 24/7 365 days

Tancho showa
Birtyboy"RE: Feeding regime" 9:31pm Thursday 13th Dec

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from: West Yorkshire

Currently at 14.5c and feeding small amount 3 times a day, will drop temperature to 8c by end of Dec (1d a day)and keep at that for 3 months with no feeding. In April bring temp up to 14c over 10 day period with no food. Then gradually introduce small amount of food.

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"RE: Feeding regime" 4:17pm Saturday 15th Dec

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At 14 deg will be going down to 12 soon & will feed once a day but thinking of having a month without food in the new year. Covers will be on tomorrow.


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"RE: Feeding regime" 2:04pm Sunday 16th Dec

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from: York

Currently at 14 with 3 feeds a day of wheat germ on 30-40 second intervals.

Dropped temp again today to 13 with aim to get to 10 by Christmas with no feeds until March.

Grow on tank I’ve dropped to 13 and stopped feeding. Will reduce further to 10 over next few days.



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"RE: Feeding regime" 9:00pm Thursday 20th Dec
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Dropped to 8 degrees now keep at that until end of March, no food now start feeding again when raise temp start of April. Done this for last 4 winters .

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"RE: Feeding regime" 11:40pm Monday 14th Jan

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I have pulled off one of the polycarb covers whilst the weather has been warmer. koi have been looking for food so I have given them small amounts of saki multi season.

The koi must be expending energy whilst looking for food so I think I am doing the right thing, have changed my opinion over time.

I do not heat the pond at all.

Be interesting to see peoples thoughts.



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"RE: Feeding regime" 2:24pm Tuesday 15th Jan

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Its been quite mild so far. we dropped our heater temps to 12 but its maintaining at 12.5-13 on a sunny day. they are still active but I have not fed them.


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