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"Todays meeting" 5:40pm Sunday 18th Nov | message edited 3 times

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Well done Jimmy for organising a really enjoyable event.

A great demonstration and talk on bonsai by Corin Tomlinson of Greenwood Bonsai Studio.

Am sure that Laura who is much better than me with a camera will post some nice pics.

I keep learning one of these days I will get it.

Thanks to all who donated raffle prizes I got a nice bird.

And a big thanks to Melvyn who supplied nice sausage rolls for us to enjoy with our coffee and biscuits.



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"RE: Todays meeting" 9:24pm Sunday 18th Nov
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from: Bradford.

That was very much enjoyable Tony.
I have a lot more confidence now in keeping bonsai in good condition.

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"RE: Todays meeting" 9:45pm Sunday 18th Nov

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Great presentation by Corin as usual I really enjoyed it too. It was nice to have a good attendance from our members and good to see Stephen + Anthony too.

Thank you to everyone who donated raffle prizes and to Melvyn for his really nice pastries.

Marc did enjoy it and he went back with a bird box/Bottle of sherry and got his outdoor/indoor bonsai sorted.

See you all at the Christmas Dinner 2nd Dec.

Sorry my card reader has broken so cant load my photos until I get a new one Laura is going to add some more pictures later.

Regards Jim


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"RE: Todays meeting" 5:50am Monday 19th Nov
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Reall enjoyed corins talk today, he does make it look easy and you can see his enthusiasm for bonsai. Very nice pastries Melvyn as well.



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"RE: Todays meeting" 11:09am Monday 19th Nov
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First class Corin makes it look so easy.
Yes Melvyn’s pasty’s was good too.

Thank you.



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"RE: Todays meeting" 5:40pm Monday 19th Nov

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Sound like I miss a good one

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"RE: Todays meeting" 1:59pm Tuesday 20th Nov

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yes you did Lofty.

The following day I had a go at shaping, wiring and removed old wires that had dug in a bit.
We enjoyed it so much we actually had a drive down to his bonsai nursery. It was a good job too as we took our bonsai for him to have a look at. Good job too as what I thought was lichen was actually woolly aphid draining the life out of it. we also found out it is actually an indoor bonsai which we have had outside and it has survived a few frosts. He was very surprised it was still alive. Got some repotting soil, new pot, shears and pesticide to treat it with. we also came away with a lovely 30+ year old hawthorn bonsai.

he certainly is a very knowledgeable bloke and happy to help. It is also well worth a visit. we plan on going back in spring/summer for another look.

This was going to be used to demonstrate cutting, wiring and shaping of a bog standard garden centre shrub.

what a transformation!

The raffle prizes

Nice to see the remembrance poppies and amazing that they were all knitted!


greysg"RE: Todays meeting" 7:16pm Tuesday 20th Nov

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from: Tyne & Wear

It was an enjoyable afternoon and yes Corin made it look easy.

Many thanks for making us welcome.



Stephen & Anthony


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"RE: Todays meeting" 8:17pm Tuesday 20th Nov

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from: Halifax

A fantastic presentation by Corin. Very informative I could listen to him for hours

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"RE: Todays meeting" 10:26am Wednesday 21st Nov

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looks like Corin gave a great presentation

for those who may have missed this on the cafe bar section this is the last chance to see what trees etc are left

John Hanby Bonsai

if you forget your history, you will repeat your mistakes, RoyH

Ron eaton

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"RE: Todays meeting" 7:57pm Friday 23rd Nov
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Hi very good meeting some nice bonsai

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