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stevep"Midi Sieve advice" 5:12pm Thursday 25th Oct
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from: Barnsley

One of my bottom drains returns to a midi sieve. It’s never been an issue from when it was installed. For the last couple of weeks though the sieve side has started to fill with water, it’s to about half depth of the weir side which is obviously stopping it working as it should. Does anyone know what adjustments I need to make to rectify this please?

Thank you

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"RE: Midi Sieve advice" 7:37am Friday 26th Oct

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have you checked your pipe work/pumps to make sure there are no obstructions?

I have never used a sieve before so not entirely sure about their workings.


andikoi"RE: Midi Sieve advice" 8:11am Friday 26th Oct
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have you tried cleaning the screen,brick acid works well,brush on then use a scrubbing brush then jetwash off,andi

new pond in progress,5000g 2 spindrifters,1 to kc-10 drum and 1 to nexus 200 both returning over momotoro bakki shower with 70kg of bhm

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"RE: Midi Sieve advice" 2:26pm Friday 26th Oct

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Hi Steve

I've an U/S 3

1. have you changed the flow rates from the sieve
2. if you have, you may have to adjust the flow rate control. (my U/S 3 has 3 setting for different flow rates, look at U/S instructions how to do this)
3. if non of the above - remove the float - bit of a hassle - empty all of the water out of the float and refill to correct amount. (the float plug could have become loose and allowed water to fill it)

Let me know have you get on.(don't forget some good isolations if required)



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"RE: Midi Sieve advice" 6:10pm Friday 26th Oct
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could not have said it better.
stevep"RE: Midi Sieve advice" 6:53pm Saturday 27th Oct
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from: Barnsley

Thanks Mick,

No change in flow rate.
It must be something to do with the float. I’ve downloaded the instructions and its looking like removing the float to empty it and then take it from there.

Thanks again and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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