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"YKS Visit Potteries Koi Society" 9:36pm Yesterday | message edited 2 times

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Had a great visit today to some Potteries Koi Club members ponds.
We were very much looked after by everyone involved from 1st breakfast stop to
last visit to see Neil at Sunnybank Koi where we were also given lunch.
The weather weren't so good but the hospitality was great saw some great ponds and gardens + Sunny Bank Koi well worth a visit.

Thanks to everyone involved we all had a great day. A few pics below (Laura may post a few more)

Regards Jim

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"RE: YKS Visit Potteries Koi Society" 8:17pm Today
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from: Wakefield

Yes had a good day good food , good company and some nice ponds thank you Potteries club.


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"RE: YKS Visit Potteries Koi Society" 8:36pm Today

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A great day out again. Seen some lovely ponds and gardens.Hospitality was spot on.

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"RE: YKS Visit Potteries Koi Society" 1:37pm Tuesday 16th Oct

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First pond

Second pond

third pond

Cake break too....

Fourth pond

Sunny Bank Koi

Giving thanks


pauland sue

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"RE: YKS Visit Potteries Koi Society" 9:04am Wednesday 17th Oct
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from: leeds

Another good day even with the rain nice people good ponds and cracking food all round a good day

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