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"Didn't he do well?" 4:15pm Thursday 13th Sep

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Didn't he do well?

YKS member Melvyn (KOI MELVYN),is also a member of the YSBKKS and he exhibited at their recent show .

He took home a lot of their trophies including grand champion.

Well done mate.



YKS moderator team..
"RE: Didn't he do well?" 4:53pm Thursday 13th Sep
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Well done Melvyn

YKS moderator team..
"RE: Didn't he do well?" 5:01pm Thursday 13th Sep

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Well done Melvyn well deserved you have some very nice fish.

bazkoi"RE: Didn't he do well?" 7:05pm Thursday 13th Sep

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from: methley leeds

Congratulations and well done Melvyn

Quality koi to suit all budgets
greysg"RE: Didn't he do well?" 10:06pm Thursday 13th Sep

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Yep, well done Melvyn.


Stephen & Anthony


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"RE: Didn't he do well?" 8:15am Monday 17th Sep

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Well done Melvyn

did you sort out your leak ?


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"RE: Didn't he do well?" 9:55am Tuesday 18th Sep
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Melvyn very well done and if i am not mistaken all but one supplied by KOIMASTERS.

Regards chris m.


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