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Graham"Thanks to Big H" 2:41pm Saturday 1st Sep | message edited 2 times
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from: Hessle, East Yorkshire

I would like to say a big big thank you to big h for his help with treating ny sick koi, without his help there was a great danger that I would lose all my fish due to an outbreak of chilodonella.
I have never had that nasty parasite in my pond before in 30 years of fishkeeping but I am now confident that it will be stopped. Paul even did a round trip of about 30 miles to my house and even treat my pond with his own chemicals and would not accept any payment for this.
Great guy, thanks Paul.

Graham javascript:smile('')

YKS moderator team..
"RE: Thanks to Big H" 5:13pm Saturday 1st Sep

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from: York

Good man, fingers crossed all on the up now.


big h"RE: Thanks to Big H" 7:04am Sunday 2nd Sep
joined: 1st Oct 06
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from: howden

It was a pleasure Graham.Lovely pond and garden.

YKS moderator team..
"RE: Thanks to Big H" 11:24am Sunday 2nd Sep

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from: West Yorkshire

Well done Paul top man.


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"RE: Thanks to Big H" 6:20am Monday 3rd Sep

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from: near whitby north yorkshi

Well done Paul 👍🏻

4000 gallons queni koi drum to jbr plastics bio chamber with 75 litres oase hel x media on bottom drain skimmer line also into drum 55 watt submersible uv 240 litres air and 12 fish

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"RE: Thanks to Big H" 11:28am Wednesday 5th Sep
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from: Bradford.

When you get people like Paul going out of their way to help others you know your in the right hobby.

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