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"Amalgam UVC Submersible fitment" 2:10pm Friday 24th Aug
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I Have the queni koi 35 drum. Has anyone fitted the Amalgam submersible UVC, What fittings do you need and what size UVC will fit, pond is 5500gallons so looking at the 40w version. Anyone fitted one or any advice.
I still need to buy one yet so if you are a supplier send me the costs and any fitting instructions

5500 gallon, running through 2 x Aeriated bottom drains through 4 inch pipe to Drum filtration onto large Bio unit feeding to 2 inch pond returns, 1 return going through 15kw Heat pump, 1 going through Bakki shower dropping half back into Bio unit and returning to the pond. Heavily stocked.

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"RE: Amalgam UVC Submersible fitment" 4:28pm Friday 24th Aug

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I bought one from drew at koi Waterlife centre it’s a 55 watt amalgam fully submersible uv it’s stainless steel and just sits in dirty side of my queni drum no drilling or extra fittings here’s a pic there on Drew’s website

4000 gallons queni koi drum to jbr plastics bio chamber with 75 litres oase hel x media on bottom drain skimmer line also into drum 55 watt submersible uv 240 litres air and 12 fish

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"RE: Amalgam UVC Submersible fitment" 12:01pm Saturday 25th Aug

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I have a stainless profi, I bought one of the coastal koi uv's, have to say very good units. Can order from them with fitting for either drilling the drum if you have PVC drum or in my case i attached via a 4inch -> 1 1/2 inch rubber boot via one of the 4" outputs.

Found that the UV on the clean side helps keep bio film off the drum mesh.


pauland sue

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"RE: Amalgam UVC Submersible fitment" 5:32pm Monday 27th Aug
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one on mine Al of all week come ans have a look if you want

4800gallons block built and fiberglassed 2x spindrifter bottoms ,profi combi 50, amalgam uv and a bakki shower

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