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bazkoi"NEWS !!! " 7:36am Sunday 29th Jul

joined: 5th Nov 05
last here: 9:25am Today
posts: 1028
from: methley leeds

Just to let you all know after 25years of being a hobbyist I have now decided to start my own business and koi dealership
Firstly let me apologise I had A link to my web site on my profile, apologies for that I only changed it the other day and never give it a thought hope I have not offended anyone it was a genuine mistake
I have contacted Jimmy and I will be getting a banner over the next couple of weeks ,just at the minute I’m busy doing my regular job and setting the business up and it’s drawing both my pocket and my energy not enough hours in the day

Will let you all know how things are progressing over the coming weeks

Quality koi to suit all budgets
pauland sue

YKS club member
"RE: NEWS !!!" 11:00am Sunday 29th Jul
joined: 7th Jan 11
last here: 3:05pm Thursday 13th Dec
posts: 2200
from: leeds

nice one Baz

4800gallons block built and fiberglassed 2x spindrifter bottoms ,profi combi 50, amalgam uv and a bakki shower

YKS moderator team..
"RE: NEWS !!!" 11:33am Sunday 29th Jul

joined: 13th Jul 10
last here: 8:35pm Wednesday 12th Dec
posts: 2079
from: West Yorkshire

Wish you all the best Baz, If I don't speak to you before will either see you at the BKKS Yorkshire show or the North East.

bazkoi"RE: NEWS !!!" 11:49am Sunday 29th Jul

joined: 5th Nov 05
last here: 9:25am Today
posts: 1028
from: methley leeds

Thanks guys , I hope I can get down to the show next Sunday morning

Quality koi to suit all budgets
crell"RE: NEWS !!!" 5:47pm Sunday 29th Jul

joined: 19th Mar 09
last here: 1:21pm Today
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from: Scunthorpe

Good luck Baz



YKS club member
"RE: NEWS !!!" 5:50pm Sunday 29th Jul

joined: 6th Mar 10
last here: 10:56am Thursday 13th Dec
posts: 5886

best wishes Baz.



YKS club member
"RE: NEWS !!!" 5:45am Monday 30th Jul

joined: 6th Mar 10
last here: 6:24am Thursday 13th Dec
posts: 506
from: castleford

Good luck mate
lijl"RE: NEWS !!!" 7:53pm Monday 30th Jul
joined: 16th Sep 15
last here: 7:57pm Monday 30th Jul
posts: 6

Good luck Baz.

Hope you can make it to the show on Sunday

greysg"RE: NEWS !!!" 10:11pm Monday 30th Jul

joined: 13th Nov 03
last here: 8:21pm Yesterday
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from: Tyne & Wear

All the best Baz.


Stephen & Anthony


YKS moderator team..
"RE: NEWS !!!" 12:13pm Tuesday 31st Jul
joined: 18th Sep 04
last here: 10:29am Today
posts: 1398
from: yorkshire

Good luck Baz, hope all the hard work pays off



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