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Steven Doneena

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"Salt in pond " 4:35pm Saturday 28th Jul
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Hi I need some advice about salting our pond
What are the advantages and diss advantages?
How much salt?
How do you check how much salt is in the pond after a water change/rain ect?
And any other advice

We have a 4000L pond with 10 koi and 1 strugoen with some plants


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"RE: Salt in pond" 4:55pm Saturday 28th Jul
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What’s the reason for needing to salt your pond Steven?
Steven Doneena

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"RE: Salt in pond" 6:27pm Saturday 28th Jul
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Just wondering if it was of any benefit for the fish. I understand that it can help stop parasites and the like.

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"RE: Salt in pond" 10:10am Sunday 29th Jul | message edited once

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It’s catch 22, flukes aren’t bothered by salt and most treatments for them may be affected by the salt.

Other parasites can be sensitive to salt at higher % but even then it may not do anything apart from prevent you using formalin and pp.

It’s a pig to get out once in and needs lots of water changes to dilute it out.

Salt does help keep a good mucous layer and is beneficial in treating wounds, in combination with heat and good water.

Salt can affect your biological filtration as it will need to evolve itself to deal with a saltier environment.

Personally I will only use it in my QT or as a bath when required.

You need a decent meter like the Koimedic one to get either the % or ppt

If you do decide to use salt, use the pure vacuum dried salt. 0.1-0.6% is more or a tonic range. Over 0.6-0.9% needs to be increased slowly over 24-48hrs. This higher range would be for trying to tackle costia, chilodonella and possibly trichodina for a short duration.

You would need to find out what levels sturgeon can tolerate.


ALKY"RE: Salt in pond" 2:41pm Sunday 29th Jul
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Year's ago I did a BKKS weekend course held at Sheffield , the subject of salt came up and both Paula Reynolds and Bernice Brewster, where adamant it should only be used as a bath ,koi are fresh water fish and should not be kept in salt ,well those two ladies know far more than me ,so that's all I do Bath only .

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"RE: Salt in pond" 10:16pm Saturday 28th Jul
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your plants wont like it.

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