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jimmy69"blanket weed" 1:15pm Friday 13th Jul

joined: 13th Dec 10
last here: 4:39pm Tuesday 25th Sep
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from: GOOLE

Hi all iv got a problem with constant blanket weed I have used evolution aqua blanket weed for years with no problems but now it will not stop growing back.
anyone got any suggestions of what to try.
3650 gallons

vortex then nexus
nexus cetus sieve from skimmer

Rob D"RE: blanket weed" 3:22pm Friday 13th Jul
joined: 6th Aug 12
last here: 7:05pm Yesterday
posts: 325
from: Wakefield

I have always used Cloverleaf Jim and had no problems with it
stevew"RE: blanket weed" 4:21pm Friday 13th Jul
joined: 10th Dec 15
last here: 8:40pm Wednesday 12th Dec
posts: 39

Hi jimmy
Try the aqua source blanketweed resolve
Only one that has worked for me & a little cheaper than the rest
Cheers Steve

YKS club member
"RE: blanket weed" 4:27pm Friday 13th Jul

joined: 19th Feb 03
last here: 9:29pm Thursday 13th Dec
posts: 1081
from: sheffield

Hi Jimmy,

I tend to rotate it year on year, had good success both with columbo’s stuff, Aqua source resolve and kusuri eco gold. This year was kusuri econgold powder and it nailed it 😃


BLEMMY"RE: blanket weed" 8:14pm Yesterday
joined: 7th Jan 06
last here: 6:47pm Yesterday
posts: 153
from: Cardiff

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer for me too!!


4400 Gals; gravity fed Nexus 300 to EA 55W UV (fed by dry mounted Messner 13000) and Bakki Shower (4 tray) directly pump fed (20,000 l/hr) from the pond; independent skimmer line which is fed by a dry mounted pump through a small sand filter, Airtec 130, unheated.

YKS club member
"RE: blanket weed" 12:41pm Monday 16th Jul

joined: 6th Mar 10
last here: 10:56am Thursday 13th Dec
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I used to swap every year like Malcolm in the belief that somehow the dreaded stuff became immune, but have stuck to the Columbo for at least 4 years now and its still working fine.

Bring back clarosan though was unbeatable.


TerryS"RE: blanket weed" 9:22am Monday 30th Jul
joined: 24th Nov 16
last here: 8:46pm Tuesday 31st Jul
posts: 5
from: Selby

I've gone for pergola for shade to keep the sun off and an Aquaponic trough to starve the blanket weed of nitrates. No chemicals, works for me with benefit of loads of watercress, chard and spinach to harvest.
craig b"RE: blanket weed" 12:47pm Monday 30th Jul
joined: 13th Jul 10
last here: 6:02pm Sunday 2nd Dec
posts: 1230
from: Leeds

Aquasource resolve. It's been brilliant for me and doesn't turn water milky or anything


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