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"They think its all over" 9:08pm Today

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Well it is now till next year anyway. Great to know that forum and club members and supporters have done really well.

Today was a very hard day with temperatures above 30c and only a few helpers able to stay to the end we finally got away around 5.30 p.m.

Its a great show for visitors and exhibitors, but needs great sponsorship and willing helpers before ,during and after the show.
There is a great atmosphere amongst the volunteers.

Archie had to fill his hat with water to cool himself down.

The last of the volunteers and of course the good looking guy behind the camera.

This was a challenge took over an hour to scrub a vat which was covered in spawn, would be great if exhibitors whose koi spawn helped a little to clean it up or at least let us know.



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"RE: They think its all over" 12:31pm Wednesday 27th Jun

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you all did a fab job. Do we have a date for next year yet?

For future: if you have a plastic card like a gift card that comes in handy for scraping eggs off the sides of a vat. had mine cleaned up in no time when they spawned.


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