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kitsu"BKKS National" 7:03pm Wednesday 20th Jun

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from: United Kingdom

We have a large stand at the BKKS National this weekend.

We have koi from

- Omosako
- Momotaro
- Kawakami
- Shintaro
- Torazo
- Murata

As well as some fantastic deals on dry goods!

Hope to see you all.

BLEMMY"RE: BKKS National" 7:43pm Wednesday 20th Jun
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from: Cardiff

Hi Chris,

Hope to see you there Sunday!


Paul (Blackwood, S Wales)

4400 Gals; gravity fed Nexus 300 to EA 55W UV (fed by dry mounted Messner 13000) and Bakki Shower (4 tray) directly pump fed (20,000 l/hr) from the pond; independent skimmer line which is fed by a dry mounted pump through a small sand filter, Airtec 130, unheated.

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"RE: BKKS National" 8:27am Thursday 21st Jun

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from: castleford

Hope you do well Chris

YKS moderator team..
"RE: BKKS National" 6:00pm Thursday 21st Jun

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from: West Yorkshire

See you there Saturday Chris.



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"RE: BKKS National" 9:28pm Thursday 21st Jun
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from: Finningley. Doncaster

See you Saturday
Hope you have a great weekend

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