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"KHV reported on Facebook Ricky Stoddart" 6:38pm Friday 18th Jan
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I hope this link works. If not go and look up Ricky.



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"RE: KHV reported on Facebook Ricky Stoddart" 6:33pm Yesterday
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Hi Micheal unfortunately it’s made it’s way to the UK as well with a couple of dealers reporting having been infected. Luckily for the hobbyist both these dealers discovered it during their heat ramping procedures and managed to stop it spreading further. Anyone buying koi at the moment really need to check that there dealer is taking as much precautions as is possible to help identify any problems there may be before releasing koi for sale.


kitsu"RE: KHV reported on Facebook Ricky Stoddart" 7:13pm Yesterday

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3 dealers have made announcements, one took the precaution of destroying stocks from Chogurou that had not been mixed.

This report was published the day before on Facebook by hobbyists.


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