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swiller"Wanted 3” bits" 8:52pm Tuesday 15th May
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Anyone got some 3” pipe and rubber joiners, bends, valve etc that they want to sell let me know

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"RE: Wanted 3� bits" 9:16pm Tuesday 15th May

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from: near whitby north yorkshi

I've got some 3 inch pipe for sale see my listing various pipework for sale its in 2 different lengths

4000 gallons queni koi drum to jbr plastics bio chamber on bottom drain skimmer line also into drum 55 watt submersible uv 240 litres air and 12 fish
muff57"RE: Wanted 3� bits" 9:09am Wednesday 16th May
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I’ve got some 3inch bits I’m up my caravan now so I’ll sort out what I’ve got when I get back think there’s a bottom drain slide valve and some bends all new
Garyscad"RE: Wanted 3� bits" 11:45am Thursday 31st May
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from: East Yorkshire

I have 7 used 90 deg rubber bends and a 3" gate valve if you are interested? Make an offer if they are what you are after. Can send picture if required.

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