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"Great forum news " 5:45pm Sunday 13th May

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Great forum news ,looks like we will have a koi health and parasite category.
Hopefully some of Laura's excellent parasite articles that are available to members will be placed as sticky's.



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"RE: Great forum news" 7:26pm Sunday 13th May | message edited once

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That's the idea Tony.

It will be for information purposes where things are easy to find. it may need a few tweaks so bear with me



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"RE: Great forum news" 7:59pm Sunday 13th May

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dave23869"RE: Great forum news" 5:08am Tuesday 15th May

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Nice one Laura fantastic idea 👍

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kensmith"RE: Great forum news" 8:21am Saturday 19th May
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would be good to see this higher up the forum. This is a higher importance topic than the for sale or dealer adds in my mind

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"RE: Great forum news" 7:36pm Saturday 19th May
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It is currently in alphabetical order so it seems that it is just slotted in. It all looks very clear to me.

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