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Bluesman"Moving to York" 4:05pm Wednesday 9th May
joined: 1st May 18
last here: 3:48pm Friday 11th May
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I am moving to York soon and I wondered if anyone can recommend someone to build a Koi pond.
Thanks in anticipation .

YKS moderator team..
"RE: Moving to York" 5:51pm Wednesday 9th May

joined: 13th Jul 10
last here: 10:29pm Yesterday
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from: West Yorkshire

Hi Colin try one of our members Lofty who does build ponds -

If he cant help try some of the dealers in the banners on our home page sure they will be able to help.

Regards Jim

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"RE: Moving to York" 11:02pm Wednesday 9th May

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last here: 7:02am Today
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from: York

I think Paul at A19 koi may be able to help.
Where about sin york are you moving to? We are in Acomb.



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"RE: Moving to York" 11:49pm Wednesday 9th May

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A great city to move to Colin. Spent a fabulous year there as a 21 year old. Always enjoy visiting ,a few of our members are from York.

Happy memories of Friday nights in the Britannia in Acomb before hitting the city for a late night .



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"RE: Moving to York" 11:08am Thursday 10th May

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from: york

your lucky you got out of the Britannia

if you forget your history, you will repeat your mistakes, RoyH


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"RE: Moving to York" 7:56pm Thursday 10th May
joined: 18th Sep 04
last here: 6:01am Today
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from: yorkshire

I’m surprised he can remember that far back Roy

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