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"Peacocks at Ruffin castle" 8:26pm Friday 27th Apr | message edited 2 times

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Ruffin castle breed peacocks I have never ever seen them so tame. Wish I had been better with the camera ,will post some videos later.
showed me their backsides kept dancing round in circles

The next picture shows a female flying in after the males started calling very loudly(food I had a Danish pastry) around a dozen females flew in wish I had got them all sadly just the one I was not expecting that.



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"RE: Peacocks at Ruffin castle" 9:53am Saturday 28th Apr

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Good pics Tony looks like a nice place to visit, Male Peacocks look great when they display.
When we were at Mull a lady down the road had some that roamed about one was white and displayed for us Awesome.


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"RE: Peacocks at Ruffin castle" 6:52pm Sunday 1st Jul

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Hi Tony. Just seen your post. I stop (slum it) at the Ruthin Castle regularly on business trips. tThe Peacocks are plentiful and were in ful cavorting mood a couple of weeks ago when I was last there. Bl00dy noisy though, they don't seem to sleep, or they have nightmares! Roughin it there again this week and next. I'll say hello for you.

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