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"Feeding regime" 6:01am Yesterday
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Hi All,

I’m now starting to drop my pond temps to get down to 12 by the end of the month when I’ll stop feeding for a couple of months at least, they’ve been fed wheatgerm for the last couple of weeks twice a day as opposed to 10 feeds a day through October and November. What’s your plans for feeding and what temperatures will you be holding for the winter period?



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"RE: Feeding regime" 3:44pm Yesterday
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I am going to change my routine this year. Taking temperature to 13 degrees. And will continue to feed a very small amount of food every day.

Normally I take temperature to 8 degrees and stop feeding.



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"RE: Feeding regime" 6:03pm Yesterday

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I’ve usually kept mine around 13/14 degrees throughout the winter and fed a little. I’m undecided whether to go down to 12 or give them a full winter at 8 degrees. What are the pros and cons going down to 8 degrees?

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"RE: Feeding regime" 8:35pm Yesterday
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I am at 14d and feeding 90grams once a day cant make up my mind whether to stop feeding. its wheatgerm and its gone in minutes might stop at xmas till march

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