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brian/angel koi"new shipments at angel koi" 2:09pm Friday 9th Mar
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hi all
just to let you know all koi that were purchased during last years harvest have run our quarantine and are out ready for sale as it warms up,400 koi arrive into the bio security building over the next few weeks,and any of our customers that have small tancho kohakus/tancho showa and tancho sanke ordered they will be fetched down from our indoor growing on ponds around 3rd week in april to be collected (weather permitting) if it has not warmed up enough you can leave them here theres no rush,we are busy taking pics of the koi for our website and they will be up shortly
thank you
brian angel koi

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"RE: new shipments at angel koi" 6:55pm Friday 9th Mar

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Look forward to seeing the pics, hope to have a run up to see you.


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