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Dropsy mattywhart10 6:12pm Saturday 3rd Feb [open all]
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"Dropsy" 6:12pm Saturday 3rd Feb
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I few weeks ago I feared the worse that de ja vu was happening again I prepared to loosing my koi once again.
A few phone calls to Chris masters it was confirmed one koi had dropsy.gutted to say the least.
It has had 2 injections by myself and the following the treatment,pushed gently with the scales to remove any gunge build up one side none but the other quit alot.i then proceeded to treat as it had got sore around the raised scales.roocal to clean followed by iodine one touch and sealer and oradisive then 2 days after a salt bath at 0.9% for 30 mins.I retreated the following week as above but without injections I also salted the pond at 0.47% to help it I can confirm it's made a full recovery all thank to Chris masters and Jimmy shaw for fluke treatment

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