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Only 2 days to go... kitsu 5:09pm Tuesday 30th Jan [open all]
RE: Only 2 days to go... 14TB 11:11pm Tuesday 30th Jan
RE: Only 2 days to go... kitsu 11:03am Wednesday 31st Jan

kitsu"Only 2 days to go..." 5:09pm Tuesday 30th Jan

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I'm off to the All Japan Show on Thursday, and then off to Niigata to look for some special koi.

I am in the shop tomorrow (Wednesday) tying up loose ends, orders, quotes etc. If you need anything from me, contact me tonight or tomorrow.

I will have Whatsapp/Facebook at all times when I am in Japan, and Graham is in the shop normal hours.

If you have any special requests for koi, get them over to me ASAP so that I have to time to find them. I will be adding all purchased koi to our website, and keeping a full blog.


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