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Performance pro cascade reduced + ep 15 dave23869 2:01pm Saturday 23rd Dec [open all]
RE: Performance pro cascade and delta ep 15 dave23869 9:19am Sunday 28th Jan

dave23869"Performance pro cascade reduced + ep 15" 2:01pm Saturday 23rd Dec | message edited 12 times

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I have for sale a performance pro cascade 13000 pump low wattage it has a new fitting on inlet just need fitting for outlet not used for long not powerful enough £80
Also I have a delta pro ep 15 uv bought from absolute koi this comes with a new bulb for buyer to fit it has a new 2 inch adaptor on inlet and there's enough pipe to get a 2 inch straight connector on outlet or fittings are a tenna from absolute koi also as spare acorn nut and rubber gasket these are used to hold sleeve in place £150 both items to be collected from near Whitby North Yorkshire both are as good as new found a new fitting for outlet on uv just need to screw it in and screw in pressure guage or £210 for them both if bought together uv sold just pump left

4000 gallons queni koi drum to k1 micro bead on bottom drain skimmerlinealso into drum delta ep 15 uv 240 litres air and 12 fish

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