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charlie-chag"END OF AN ERA!!" 4:46pm Sunday 26th Nov
joined: 20th Aug 04
last here: 11:30pm Thursday 22nd Feb
posts: 2511
from: North East Lincs.

After 15 years of keeping koi it all came to an end today when my last koi was picked up. Lump in my throat? yes. More downs than ups but above all ive met some truelly brilliant people in this great hobby. I'm going to still go to the shows and visit dealers. thank you especially to this site that I have had support from over the last 13 years. Don't want to name individuals but there are people that stand out.. Once again thank you for everything. Mike
JAKE"RE: END OF AN ERA!!" 9:54pm Sunday 26th Nov
joined: 27th Aug 09
last here: 11:54am Today
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from: Rotherham


YKS moderator team..
"RE: END OF AN ERA!!" 10:11pm Sunday 26th Nov

joined: 13th Jul 10
last here: 10:59pm Yesterday
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from: West Yorkshire

Sad day Mike good luck at whatever you do next with all your spare time.


YKS club member
"RE: END OF AN ERA!!" 11:58pm Sunday 26th Nov

joined: 6th Mar 10
last here: 11:10pm Thursday 22nd Feb
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Best wishes Mike.



YKS club member
"RE: END OF AN ERA!!" 8:01am Monday 27th Nov

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from: Scunthorpe

Good luck mate, I might be joining you soon


tancho showa

YKS club member
"RE: END OF AN ERA!!" 6:52pm Monday 27th Nov
joined: 4th Sep 06
last here: 7:48pm Yesterday
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from: Timperley Cheshire

Tancho showa
ALKY"RE: END OF AN ERA!!" 7:12pm Monday 27th Nov
joined: 11th Mar 10
last here: 7:01pm Tuesday 13th Feb
posts: 312
from: Doncaster South Yorkshire

Sad to hear it MIKE, all the best for the future pal cheers

YKS moderator team..
"RE: END OF AN ERA!!" 8:07pm Monday 27th Nov
joined: 18th Sep 04
last here: 11:26am Today
posts: 1300
from: yorkshire

Good luck mike, always a shame when someone packs in. Feel free to still contribute to the forum whenever you can.

Kind regards

greysg"RE: END OF AN ERA!!" 8:00pm Wednesday 29th Nov

joined: 13th Nov 03
last here: 6:05pm Monday 19th Feb
posts: 1088
from: Tyne & Wear

All the best Mike, looking at your details there you joined in 2004, such a shame to lose you.


Stephen & Anthony

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