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"Fish Health" 11:12am Tuesday 14th Nov
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I have a slight, what I believe to be, bacterial problem in my pond. Two Koi are affected.

I decided to speak with Dr Paula Reynolds of Lincolnshire Fish Health. What a good decision that was. Paula is very informative and was extremely helpful. As a result I am going to treat the Koi with iodine and see how they progress.

I am certain that Paula would make a great speaker at one of our winter meetings.


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"RE: Fish Health" 12:52pm Tuesday 14th Nov

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I hope you get it sorted Michael. Yes it would be great if we could.


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"RE: Fish Health" 6:48pm Tuesday 14th Nov

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I think she has done one if I am right

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"RE: Fish Health" 8:47pm Tuesday 14th Nov

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We have had Paula a few times in the past, fully booked this winter ime afraid but no reason why we cant ask if she can make one of next seasons meetings.


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"RE: Fish Health" 10:42pm Tuesday 14th Nov

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Great call Michael,

Paula Reynolds is probably one of the most experienced persons in the country on koi health, a great potential speaker if we can get her again.

Iodine is probably the cheapest and most effective of topical treatments great to see that simple inexpensive treatment is recommended.


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