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charlie-chag"Pond Closure Due To House Move." 6:13pm Saturday 4th Nov
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from: North East Lincs.

In the New Year we will be putting our house up for sale. Getting out of Grimsby to the outskirts. So all my koi are up for sale guys. Then when all koi have gone there will be Equipment etc. If anyone is looking for some very nice koi please email me at Or PM Me at facebook . Kind Regards mike
chrisd"RE: Pond Closure Due To House Move." 11:20am Sunday 5th Nov
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Hi there
Sorry to hear you have to sell your pond and fish for a move hope you plan a pond in new house one day
Wounder if I could see some pics of the koi and things you will have to sell in
Many thanks Chris

Carlingchris"RE: Pond Closure Due To House Move." 9:13pm Sunday 5th Nov
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Any chance of some photos of fish thanks

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