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"My next visit to Japan." 7:39pm Friday 6th Oct
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I only sell koi that I have selected for myself,whether it be direct or thru an auction.In that way I know if i do not sell that Koi I will have the pleasure of seeing it grow and develop.I do tend to try and buy Tategoi so when they arrive they may not be the finished article,i am pleased how my selections do quite well in shows.I hope to visit Ueno,Okawa,Ogata,Takatsu and suetsugu amongst others.

I shall be leaving on the 27th oct come back 10th nov,i will forward pictures of koi I select or if anyone has any specific requests will forward pics of those available to me.

I am looking forward to judging the Kitakyushu koi show once more,it is not a major show by any means but there will be some cracking koi nevertheless,

If you look on the Ogata website you will be able to see some of the koi available thru them either by direct purchase or in the auction, which i shall be attending.

regards chris m.

mattywhart10"RE: My next visit to Japan." 2:18pm Monday 9th Oct
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Safe journey Chris pick me some nice ones 👍👌😉

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