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"posting pics" 8:23pm Friday 2nd Oct | message edited 4 times

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Hi Below is guide on adding pics to a post, Hope this helps.

"Go to edit profile (Just ABOVE Chat tab) - Picture uploader – BROWSE to Choose picture file – Double click on pic req – Upload - The picture should now be saved on your profile – If you now go to your post – or reply to any posts – click on insert pic your last 6 pics should show top left, click on the one required and it should now be in the post."

If the pic is too large it may not upload and needs to be resized to 640x480 pixels wide then it should load. better if you can set your camera first if you have a few to load to save having to re size each one

There is no need to have your camera set to high/fine as most sites resize anyway & the quality is still good at the above if you are not intending on greatly enlarging the image.

Sam"RE: posting pics" 8:26am Monday 19th Oct
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from: Birmingham

Yes m8, great help
kevin wheatley"RE: posting pics" 10:15am Sunday 24th Apr
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I've been trying for some time to upload the pics of my pond construction now that it is almost finished. Seems to take ages for every pic. Is this normal or is there a better way ?

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"RE: posting pics" 2:48pm Sunday 8th May

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I cant seem to get my pics to upload and I have followed the directions

will keep trying when I get chance.



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"RE: posting pics" 7:06pm Wednesday 25th May

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Hi Laura/Kevin give me a call after 6.00 and I will try to help 01977551470 but please be sure they are not too large first (Need to be sized to 640x480 or they will not load.

Regards Jim

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"RE: posting pics" 11:14pm Thursday 8th Sep

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Laura ,

You can only upload around 90 to 100 pics think .If you have uploaded more delete some old ones and then you can upload more .That might be the problem/solution hope it helps.


mattywhart10"RE: posting pics" 10:08am Monday 10th Apr
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If your trying to do it by smart phone download photo bucket via app store click on upload pictures choose what you want to upload and click on a picture.
Press the share button and click copy link to clipboard then choose the bottom link.
You will need then to switch between the forum and photo bucket repeating the process and in the chosen section click on reply and paste in press send then go back into you reply the photo should then appear in the comments section.

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