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" Dealers - Please Note " 9:34pm Wednesday 2nd Jul

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This sale / wanted section is solely for the use of the public/hobbyist and we would request that Dealers do not post in this section.

Should a Dealer wish to communicate with a buyer or seller, then please do so by way of e-mail, which can be found by clicking on the users name).

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As a Koi Hobbyist family for many years we are looking for fellow enthusiasts to purchase our stock from us due to immediate relocation requirements due to work. We are aware that there are individuals who will purchase the contents of pond closures and enter these into fishing lakes, which whilst we are also a keen fishing family these fish are tame pets and not therefore under consideration to be swallowing a size 4 hair rigged hook in a fishing lake. We want our fish to go to fellow enthusiasts but have very little time to sort this out, potentially renting our property out by the third week of January 2015.

We are based in Knaresborough, less than 10 minutes from junction 47 on the A1(M) and our fish as summarised below are kept in a 4,000 gallon Pond with an under water viewing window. The water quality has consistently had KH/GH Readngs of 80-120, PH of 7.50 with no levels of Ammonia, the current water temperature is 5 degrees.

Contents (pets)
9 x JAPANESE KOI (14" - 20")
2 x GREEN TENCH (15")
3 x STURGEON (up to 22")
1 x GOLDEN ORFE (14")

Sizes given are approximate. We are looking towards Yorkshre Koi Society Members to consider this and for someone to offer us £1,800 to come and collect all these prized fish and take these collectively and put them into their pond and to continue giving them the affection that we have done for up to the past 10-years. Any advice, offers of interest through this forum would be very much appreciated.

Ed & Linz

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