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Any body got a big sturgeon for sale matthewmorgan 6:05pm Monday 5th Feb [open all]
RE: Any body got a big sturgeon for sale Bigal6663 4:45pm Wednesday 7th Feb


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"RE: Any body got a big sturgeon for sale" 4:45pm Wednesday 7th Feb
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I have 2 Diamond back for sale. Both around 30 inches. 200 quid will buy em.
Available on 07950234218

5500 gallon, running through 2 x Aeriated bottom drains through 4 inch pipe to Drum filtration onto large Bio unit feeding to 2 inch pond returns, 1 return going through 15kw Heat pump, 1 going through Bakki shower dropping half back into Bio unit and returning to the pond. Heavily stocked.

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