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"Cumbria break" 5:56pm Sunday 4th Feb | message edited 3 times

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from: West Yorkshire

Hi all

Decided to take a break in Cumbria for a week had a great day today at Ullswater see pics below.

Some great views

Amazing sight how the snow just stopped and beyond in the distance it was green (No snow at all)

Here's one guy that loved the snow our Chase.

Took some pics of a large flock of Barnacle Geese in a field and look what was traveling with them.

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"RE: Cumbria break" 11:12pm Sunday 4th Feb

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Brilliant photos Jim, a lovely part of the world.
You are getting good with that camera.



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"RE: Cumbria break" 7:59am Monday 5th Feb

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from: York

Looks a bit nippy there, some good pics, hope you all have a good time



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"RE: Cumbria break" 12:09pm Monday 5th Feb
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Jim the only place i could live apart from Barnsley,what a strange person i am.

regards chris m.

The crown in pooley bridge used to do a nice tbone steak,some great fish and chips on the hill in penrith.

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"RE: Cumbria break" 10:30am Wednesday 7th Feb

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from: West Yorkshire

It is lovely up here and cold but we have the right gear for that off to Gretna Green today.
No not to renew our vows.

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